Kangaroo Paw

Anigozanthos Celebrations ‘Fireworks’ PBR

‘Fireworks’ is another exciting Anigozanthos from the Kings Park Botanic Garden in Western Australia, whose dazzling ‘Bush Gems’ range are bred for their extraordinary flower colours that have never been seen before in Kangaroo Paws. Compact blue green strappy foliage is complemented by bright tubular flowers with an electric pink base that fades to a soft blue tip. Suitable as a feature plant, planted in drifts or to make a statement in pots and containers, this variety will also make a stunning cut flower.

Low maintenance, hardy and drought tolerant but we recommend watering at the time of flowering and prune flower stems to the ground after flowering to ensure longevity.

Makes a great gift for the garden lover and unique plant collector!

H  – 0.4m  W – 0.4m