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Spring into gardening action

Spring always creates a bit of a buzz in the air and it’s not just because of the bees loving all the blooms that appear with the change in season. It’s a fantastic time to get outside to plot and plant gardening projects that love to grow and thrive in the warmer weather.

Native Plant Project’s e-nursery manager, Tamara has put together her picks of Australian native plants that love the change in season as much as we do…

correa  canberra bells native fuchsia 2

Hard working Correa…

It’s got the looks and the work ethic! Correas are hardy, drought-tolerant, compact and evergreen with beautiful tubular flowers that can really level up your garden aesthetic with minimal fuss. Used for screening, groundcover, as a feature plant or with some varieties thriving in pots on sunny verandas, this Australian native is great to plant now to ensure it packs a colour punch in the cooler months, mostly flowering in Autumn and Winter.

Correa alba prostrate with its starry, white flowers works well as groundcover in coastal areas, Correa glabra ‘Rock correa’ is a fantastic screening option thanks to it’s fast growing nature (up to 1.8 metres in height) and long, flowering creamy, lime blooms or plant Correa ‘Canberra Bells’, a stunning hybrid created for Canberra’s centenary as a feature plant. The red and white tubular style flowers are uniquely stunning.

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Correa pulchella ‘Little Cate’ 02
correa dusky bells 3

Discover Native Hibiscus

This species ticks all the gardening boxes. It’s fast growing and thanks to a love of the sun and indifference to mild frost, it can handle most climates in Australia.  Varieties flower from Spring right through to Autumn which not only looks great in your garden but encourages lots of buzzy visitors and birdlife for many months of the year.

If you have a smaller garden or sunny balcony crying out for some colour, the Algogyne wrayae ‘Blue Healer’ with its striking purple flowers works brilliantly in pots, in rockeries or as a feature plant.

For an eye-catching statement in the garden, plant Algogyne huegelii ‘West Coast Gem’ as an informal hedge or screen.

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alyogyne huegelii west coast gem native hibiscus1

A Banksia for every occasion…

banksia petiolaris 1
4 banksia ericifolia ‘red rover6 banksia ericifolia ‘red rover

From their striking flowers in a host of hues and dramatic foliage to their bird and bee attracting qualities, these architectural marvels make a statement in all styles of gardens. Don’t think banksia are only for larger gardens, there’s varieties that are perfect in pots, great as ground covers as well as small shrubs perfect for hedging or covering an unsightly wall.

Try Banksia petiolaris, a vigorous growing ground cover that produces bright, yellow flowers which contrast beautifully with the serrated, silvery-grey leaves. Spring is the time to plant this hardy plant, and if it’s in a well-drained, sunny spot, it will flower from Winter through Spring and Summer.

Or if you’re in need of a screening plant or wind break, consider Banksia ericifolia ‘Red Rover, a great bushy shrub with bright foliage and dark orange-red flowers popping up in Autumn and Winter. A favourite with birds, it’s ideal for cool temperate or Mediterranean climates and can thrive in coastal conditions, even tolerating sea spray!

On the hunt for a feature tree? The iconic Banksia serrata – ‘Old Man Banksia’ delivers in spades. Growing up to ten metres, it’s fast growing and adaptable to a wide range of conditions and soils. Once established, this variety’s flowers produce ever changing green to cream to yellow and brown flowers from Spring to Autumn.

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Pretty in pink…

NPP Oct 2023 52
NPP Oct 2023 58

Ozothamnus diosmifolia ‘Red Gingham’ is always a favourite at the Native Plant Project e-nursery – and it’s little wonder. This hardy native shrub is drought tolerant and loves a sunny position, and rewards you with masses of tiny soft red buds that open into pink flowers all throughout Spring.  Try it poolside, add it to a cottage style garden and it will work a treat in coastal gardens too.  Also great for cut flowers. Attracts bees and butterflies.
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