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Iso gardening picks

Autumn is a great time for getting into your garden large or small. Start something this season with these picks from the Native Plant Project e-nursery that will add interest to your space or help you get ready for some Spring flowering…

Actinotus helianthi ‘Flannel Flower’

This delightfully versatile native works well in pots or looks great as a border or feature when planted en masse. It prefers sandy soil so is ideal for coastal situations in sun or light shade. Plant now to start seeing lovely felt textured white flowers in Spring and Summer.

Approx: H: 0.5 metres W: 0.5 metres

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Callistemon subulatus ‘Brogo Overflow’

What Australian garden is complete without a ‘Bottle Brush’?  We’ve added this variety to the Native Plant Project e-nursery as it’s a smaller shrub that’s great as a low hedge and also does well in a container.  Loved by nectar feeding wildlife, the classic red flowers bloom from late Winter through to Summer.  Pruning after flowering will encourage a more dense habit. Prefers full sun or light shade.

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Native Fuchsia Correa ‘Dusky Bells’

Correa ‘Dusky Bells’ – Native fuchsia

Flowering from Autumn through Winter and into Spring, this shrub will brighten your garden with its profuse flowering nature.  It grows best in moist, well drained soil and attracts small birds.  If pruned after flowering it will promote dense growth.  Sun to half shade and light frost.  Fertilise in Spring.

Approx H: 0.5m W: 2m

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Bulbine Lily - Bulbine bulbosa yellow flowers close-up

Bulbine bulbosa ‘Bulbine Lilly’

If you need to add a dash of colour to a certain spot in your garden, balcony or courtyard, this native lily will brighten up your space from spring right through to early Autumn with its lovely fragrant flowers. It’s great for rockeries, works well en masse in containers and can cope with a range of soil types and frost.  It does like to be kept moist and may die off in dry periods, but will resprout with water.

Approx H: ~0.8m W: ~0.5m

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Grevillea Grevillea ‘Firecracker’

Grevillea ‘Firecracker’

This smaller grevillea variety would work well as a small hedge, great as a mass planting in larger areas or try it in a container too. It flowers profusely with beautiful, spider-like flowers and once established it’s drought and frost tolerant. Like all grevilleas, the birds just love them.

Approx H: ~0.5m W: ~0.8m

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