Love Notes

Florist Katie Marx

Why an acclaimed florist draws on the Australian bush for her creations…

Katie Marx is a much sought after floral artist who specialises in glorious native arrangements that adorn many of Melbourne’s top restaurants and the city’s special events.

Based just outside of Melbourne in the Victorian countryside, she also co-owns country venue-for-hire, Butterland, with husband Greg Hatton, where she runs flower workshops and creates floral masterpieces for her guests’ events.

So what’s driven her love affair with native plants?

On location at Butterland – Katie’s function venue and home for her regular floral workshops… Photo credit: Luisa Brimble.

~ My work with natives came about from trying to use local and seasonal flowers and foliage. I’m trying to grow some of my favourite things at Butterland but they are a few years from picking. I forage whenever I’m at the in-laws and there are some great suppliers at the flower market who always save me interesting bits.

~ My in laws have a huge native garden and the more time I spend there, the more I’m captured by how the different plants evolve over time and through the seasons.

Katie with chef and restauranteur, Andrew McConnell. Katie draws on her love of native flowers for her regular installations at McConnell’s Melbourne restaurants.

~ The textures and growth habits of natives fascinate me. I love the way a lot of native flowers are so subtly intricate and detailed.

~ My beginner’s tips for arranging with native florals? Select two or three varieties to mix together and let their shapes guide the arrangement. Choose things with different textures for extra interest. Have fun with them!

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