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Time for a new project?

If you’re falling love with the idea of gardening for the first time or reigniting a love affair, start something this season with these picks from the Native Plant Project e-nursery that will add interest to your garden, large or small.

Dianella Silver Streak ~ Native Flax

Bring some native drama to your outdoor space with this hybrid Dianella. It’s the ideal low maintenance plant for use in borders, in pots or as an accent plant. It’s attractive variegated green and white foliage adds interest and lightness to your garden – and sprays of (sterile) pale blue flowers from Spring to Summer add further dimension to this tough, drought tolerant variety. Best suited to warmer climates as it’s frost tender.H 0.4~0.5m   W

0.4 ~ 0.5m

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native flax dianella ‘silver streak’ 8
native flax dianella ‘silver streak’ 5

hakea burrendong beauty 3

Hakea ‘Burrendong Beauty’

This highly ornamental and hardy ground cover form of Hakea produces dramatic, ‘pin cushion’ style flowers that bud up in Autumn, with deep pink flowers opening through Winter with contrasting white stamens. Spectacular when in flower, be sure to find a spot in the garden for this to be on show or try it in a pot for dramatic effect. Best suited to low humidity areas; light pruning will help create a bushier growth. Birds, insects and lizards love this variety too.


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Darwinia citriodora ~ ‘Lemon-scented Darwinia’

We’ve added this variety to the Native Plant Project e-nursery as it’s a highly ornamental, rounded compact shrub works well as a feature understory planting, as a hedge or barrier. It’s pretty pendulous flowers and lemon scented dark green to purple-red foliage make it an attractive addition to your garden, and native birds and bees love it too. This variety prefers well drained soils and enjoys a long flowering season (July – Jan) depending on its final location. Suggest planting it in twos and threes to create desired effect.

H 1m~1.5m

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2 Eremophila glabra ‘Kalbarri Carpet’

Eremophila glabra ‘Kalbarri Carpet’ ~ Tar Bush

The soft grey foliage of this hardy ground cover looks beautiful whilst flowering in Spring and Summer but equally lovely without.  It spreads out to around two metres, needs well-drained soil and is drought and frost tolerant.  It looks most effective planted as a mass and is great for retaining walls or on banks to prevent soil erosion. Also one to try in pots on a balcony, courtyard or poolside.

Approx H: 0.2 metres W: 1.5 metres

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grevillea superb 1

Grevillea ‘Superb’

With beautiful red/orange flowers all year round, this grevillea does well as an informal hedge or a feature shrub on its own.  Birds love this variety and it’s very hardy once established in well drained soil and a sunny spot,  handling frost and drought. Keep it compact with a light trim each year. 

Approx H: 1.5~2m W: 1.5~2m

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geraldton wax chamelaucium uncinatum ‘raspberry ripple’ pbr 1

Chamelaucium uncinatum ‘Raspberry Ripple’ PBR ~ ‘Geraldton Wax’ 

This delightfully named variety of Geraldton Wax is an evergreen shrub with masses of pretty dark pink to crimson flowers from early to mid Spring. This variety brings some height and colour to your garden with its rounded shrub formation and waxy blooms that are great as a cut flower. Low maintenance and hardy, it prefers an open sunny position or part shade, can grow in a range of soil types (including pots), handles a light frost and has low water requirements once established.

Approx: H: ~ 2m   W: ~ 1.5m

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