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Summer lovin’

For pots, poolside, on the deck or to bring interest with colour and texture, start something this Summer in your space large or small with these picks from our Native Plant Project e-nursery:

Gorgeous ground covers

Chrysocephalum apiculatum ramosissimum ‘Yellow Buttons’  Great for pots, a ground cover, drifts and ideal for coastal gardens too, this bright and cheery prostrate groundcover produces small, yellow, button like flowers from Spring to late Autumn. It grows well in sun or part shade and is water-wise and light frost tolerant. Be sure to plant in well drained soil.  Approx H: 0.20m W: 1 metre.

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chrysoephalum apiculatum silver gold 1
chrysoephalum apiculatum silver gold 2

Purple Haze

Alyogyne wrayae ‘Blue Healer’ ~ Native Hibiscus – low maintenance and hardy with striking purple-mauve flowers, this low form of Native Hibiscus is perfect for smaller gardens. Growing up to 50cm high and spreading to a metre, it’s best planted in the ground in rockeries or as a feature plant, but also works well in large pots on sunny balconies and courtyards providing it’s kept moist yet well drained. Blooming from spring right through to autumn, the hibiscus like flowers can be short lived but will re-bloom regularly in warmer climates. Try a weak liquid fertiliser to encourage longer flowering and prune lightly after a flush of flowers.

alyogyne wrayae ‘blue healer 3

Glorious grasses

Bring texture, movement and visual interest to your garden with different native grasses – the perennial looks great as a border, planted on mass as a striking ground cover or as a feature plant in pots. They’re hardy, can tolerate a variety of conditions and better yet, low maintenance. Look out for Lomandra confertifolia rubiginosa ‘Lomandra Cracker Jack’ with its more blue tinged new growth and higher habit and Lomandra confertifolia ‘Little Pal’ with its more vibrant green foliage. 

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Little Con Lomandra 2
blairgowrie acre49

Flower power

Isopogon dubius ‘Rose Cone Flower’ – this striking, compact shrub will brighten the cooler months with masses of pink coloured flower heads that the birds and butterflies love. Use it as a feature plant or to fill gaps in a larger garden and enjoy it for cut flowers. It prefers a sunny position.  Approx: H: 0.7~1m  W: 0.7~1m

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rose cone flower isopogon dubius
geraldton wax chamelaucium uncinatum ‘my sweet sixteen’ pbr 2

Chamelaucium uncinatum ‘My Sweet Sixteen’ PBR – this Geraldton Wax variety is a unique new addition to our e-nursery. This evergreen shrub with masses of pure white waxy funnel form flowers mature to a striking rich-red creating a tri-colour effect of white, pink and red blooms from early Spring.  Use it to bring some height and colour to your garden with its rounded shrub formation – it’s a great feature plant or to fill gaps in a larger garden and the blooms are pretty cut flowers. It prefers a sunny position.  Approx: H: 0.7~1m  W: 0.7~1m

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Silver shapes

Eremophila glabra ‘Silver Ball’ – if you’re after some contrast to other plants in your space or to lighten up a spot in your garden, you’ll find this shrub most useful. Its silver grey foliage does the trick and attractive compact shape ensures added form and interest. A profusion of small yellow flowers in spring and into summer are loved by birds – and it will happily thrive in both coastal and inland gardens, loamy to saline soils. A new addition to our e-nursery.

eremophila glabra ‘silver ball2

Pretty in pink

Pimelea ferruginea ‘Pink Rice Flower’ – we love this hardy, densely growing shrub that puts on a bright and conspicuous show of pink flowers through spring and summer. Its dark green foliage grows to about a metre and is well suited to coastal areas and happily grows in full sun or part shade.

pimelea ferruginea magenta mist 3
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