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Backyard Bliss

Tips, ideas and inspiration from native plant lovers creating distinctly Australian gardens.

Australian exotica

Acclaimed commercial photographer, Greg Elms, turns his lens to native flora for his own artistic pursuits.

Well Grounded

Manicured yet mystical, this magical garden in the Southern Highlands is rooted in its landscape.

Acacia aphylla ‘Leafless Rock Wattle’ Foliage

Native wonders

These curiosities and more unusual native varieties are now available at the E-Nursery.

Strike a pose

Discover the secrets to creating a stylised palette of native flora in your garden.

Grevillea Grevillea ‘Superb’

Garden Therapy

Our picks of plants from the E-Nursery to help you start a Native Plant Project.

A Gardener's Sanctuary - table setting in native garden

A Gardener's Sanctuary

Take a wander through a designer's place of refuge on the Mornington Peninsula.

Picks for Pots

The best native plants to put on a show in pots.


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