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Be inspired by these beautiful backyards that bring together form, function and clever plantings to create distinctly Australian outdoor spaces.


Amongst the trees…

Nestled in amongst the trees is this relaxing garden surrounding the Rolling Stone Landscapes HQ & Design Studio in Sydney. An existing circular concrete rainwater tank converted into a fire pit area sets the tone for the remainder of the garden, with a curved path forging its way through lush mixed plantings of native and exotic grasses, succulents and trimmed hedges. A set of custom pre-formed concrete steps connects the areas in an informal way and provides additional seating area around the fire pit. This garden was also a finalist in The Design Files & Laminex Australia Design Awards for Landscape Design

Glorious transformation…

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Photo credits: Rob Blackburn

When you own the neighbouring property to your house, it might be tempting to simply keep it as an investment – but the owners decided to use this space to create a bigger, and beautiful, garden.

Turning to Melbourne landscape designer, Kate Seddon they set about the transformation to bring further delight to their renovated Edwardian home and protect views outwards in this leafy inner Melbourne suburb of Alphington. Using a palette of native and exotic plants, the house now looks out over a curved deck and onto a generous oval lawn – large enough for kicking balls around. The lawn is sheltered and enclosed by raised coreten steel garden beds, stepping up in tiers to boundary planting of native trees.

Closer to the house, Seddon designed the beds with a combination of exotic floral and textural interest in shrubs and grasses to then move outwards to a less defined, native palette. A cantilevered carport and covered walkway provides shelter and a striking sculptural element.

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A love letter to native plants…

When a photographer draws on his eye for design, background in horticulture and love of Australian natives you have high expectations for a beautiful backyard. Will Salter’s own garden on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has drawn on many design ideas he’s picked up along his journey photographing some of the country’s best private and public gardens created by acclaimed landscape architects – particularly combining texture, form and colour that Australian natives bring.

previous home garden

“It is also the understanding that natives belong – we can take the learning’s from the traditional English garden, put a twist on that, and apply it to our climate and landscape..”

home garden 3

For his current garden, he’s used an en masse style of planting in waves that flow from one section to another. Welded steel edging helps define borders around a copse of Lemon Scented Gums, and there’s extensive understory plantings among existing trees.  Some of the plants he’s using are amongst his favoruites – Orthrosanthus Multiflorus, Austrastipa stipoides, Acacia Baileyana Purpurea, Anthropodium Matapouri Bay, Banksia Praemorsa, Acacia glaucoptera, Themeda ‘Big Blue’, Grevillea Moonlight, Banksia Marginata, Plectranthus Argentatus, Hakea Silicifolia, Rhagodia Spinescens.

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